Most of our Fishing Chips are shipped in the SD / MicroSD format which now fits 97% of the Marine GPS units out there. If your GPS takes the Micro SD chip, slide the Micro SD out of the bottom of the SD adaptor it shipped in and use that chip to plug into your GPS. The full size SD chip is only an adaptor.

Answer: YES more than 99% of the time, we have a Fishing Chip that will work in your Marine GPS unit. All our Lowrance chips work in Lowrance units, Garmin Chips in Garmin units etc. The only exception we run into from time to time is with Hand Held units.

Downloading Fishing Areas after purchase has to be approved first. Contact us and make the request.

You did not do anything wrong, our chips work a little differently than the cartography chips. Since our chips are providing fishing waypoints, you must transfer the waypoints FROM the chip TO the gps unit’s internal memory. Since each manufacturer’s menu system works a little different, you would navigate the menu system until you reach a menu that allows you to manage data card, or transfer waypoints. Most of the gps manuals are available online, so if you cannot find it, email us at support, and we will attempt to help you. This is the most common question we get asked because of the menu systems being different from one unit to another.

No, you do not. You simply unplug the third party chip from your unit and plug in the Hot Spots Fishing Chip. Then like the answer above, you load the fishing waypoints from the chip into the internal memory of the GPS unit. Then you can unplug our chip and place it back in the package for storage. Next, plug in your Navionics or C-map cartography and you will have what we call “the best of both worlds” You will have the increased bottom detail from the cartography chip and the fishing waypoints overlaid on top from the Hot Spots Fishing Chip. These two chips work independently of each other.

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