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Creative Technologies Group Inc. DBA is a company founded with the intent of making it easier for the weekend Angler to have a productive fishing trip. We strive to create the highest quality products at a very reasonable price.

Our approach to manufacturing the Hot Spots Fishing Chips is to create a product that is easy to use and delivers high customer satisfaction.

We have been creating these products since 2007 here in Florida and share the same enthusiasm and passion of fishing just like you. We have seen a lot of companies come and go and offer fishing spots for sale that they obtained off the internet, but we hold ourselves to a higher standard and will not participate in harvesting unreliable internet data. Our Fishing locations are obtained from seasoned captains, guides and reliable mapping that we can trust and stake our reputation on. Testimonials and word of mouth advertising is our preferred method of product promotion, whereby reducing the overall cost to the end consumer. If in doubt, please check out our stellar reputation on many fishing forums like “The Hull Truth forum” where we have an ongoing several page thread about our products. We value and welcome all customer feedback related to our products. guarantees their merchandise 100% and are truly interested in your total experience.

Our organization’s mission is to create and market unique High quality products aimed at the weekend Saltwater and Freshwater Angler. To achieve this mission, we develop, test, and constantly seek to improve upon our products to ensure high customer satisfaction. It is our commitment to detail and constant customer contact that we feel sets us apart from others in the Fishing industry.

We welcome any and all suggestions and feedback. If you have an idea for a product that we do not currently offer, please do not hesitate to contact us right away.

Our emphasis is truly on the satisfaction of the customer and the ongoing development of our products.

Customer Focused Stellar Support

We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your overall buying experience and product satisfaction, which is why we try to offer amazing support. Our products are made by fisherman for fisherman, we use the products as well as offer them. You can count on us!

Our Story

In 2005 we invented the first ever “GPS Fishing Chip” We knew there had to be an easier way to get productive fishing spots into a Marine GPS instead of manual hand entry. In 2007 we introduced the Hot Spots Fishing Chip. We started with Florida and worked our way up the eastern seaboard to Massachusetts and then over the gulf from Alabama to Texas and then to Southern California. We wanted to provide the Saltwater Angler with a faster way to get to the fish. So for over 10 years now, we have provided thousands of Anglers productive fishing spots saving them time, fuel and money. As the old adage says “90% of the Fish are in 10% of the water” But you have to know where the !0% are! With All the money you have invested in fancy Rods, Reels and Lures; isn’t it time you invested in a product that will pay you back every time you go out fishing? So, Don’t you owe it to yourself to get your own “Hot Spots Fishing Chip? ”

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