New Jersey Hot Spots Fishing Chip

Hot Spots Fishing Chip for New Jersey contains Fishing Spots, Wrecks and Artificial reefs of the coast of New Jersey. These fishing spots are both inshore, Offshore, and just off the beach. There is a wide variety of fishing available in this huge coverage area. This Hot Spots Fishing Chip for New Jersey ships on the SD/MicroSD, CF or Garmin memory card format. When ordering please specify what model GPS you have, and what format chip it takes.
Please specify when ordering, your inlet you fish out of as we do not provide the whole state on one chip. There is just too much coverage of the 130+ miles of coastline and over 1500 waypoints. So we provide 30 miles to the north and south of your chosen inlet.
Not specifying this information at the time of order will delay your order being processed.
Order yours today, you’ll be glad you did !

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.