“Who Else is Tired of going out fishing and coming back Skunked ? ”

When you finally get out on the water, you want to have fun, Catch Fish, come back to the dock with a cooler full and call it a successful day!

With All the money you have invested in fancy Rods, Reels, Lures and other items, Don’t you deserve to have the One Product that will insure your Fishing Success trip after trip?

Invest in The Hot Spots Fishing Chip and we guarantee it will provide you the largest return on investment every Fishing Trip.

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“I first bought the west central card to fish sarasota and south tampa bay, i caught in places i had no idea existed. I was so pleased with the product that i have purchased 2 more cards for the keys area for vacation. They are good value and save on fuel and frayed tempers !You will have fish with hot spots chips. ” -Al Gibson
“The first time I used the chip it showed fish in areas I’ve never fished before. So I didn’t even bother to try those areas. Then one day my spots weren’t producing, so decided to try one of there spots. Well I was overtaken at the amount of fish we were putting in the cooler. Can’t wait to try all the spots. Thank you for the great chip”.-Ed Kirouac
” You gotta hook ’em to cook’em. The Hot Spot Fishing Chip will hook you up! “-Chuck Stewart
“Hi, Teddy C. here from Georgia. I bought one of the Hot Spots Fishing Chips and I’m glad I did. It’s helped to put me on fish every trip since I bought it. One of the cheapest and best investments I’ve made” – Teddy C. Georgia
I installed the chip in my Hummingbird 385ci and it loaded right away. The spots are great and I wasn’t surprised to see a couple of my favorites already on there. I want to thank you guys for customizing the chip for me. Anyone who fishes in Florida needs this chip. -Capt. William J.
I had problems getting chip to work in my GPS but not due to the chip. My Lowrance was having issues and I had to replace it with another GPS. Here is where it gets good, Hot Spots has graciously offered to take back the one I bought for the Lowrance and send one to fit my new Hummigbird. Now that is what I call GREAT customer service and folks who care about others! Thanks again guys!!!!- Rob Herron
Thank you for all of your help! If all companies operated the way you do this country would be a lot better off. You bet I will certainly post a very positive comment and also tell everyone I come in contact with about your products.- David Cain
Thank you so much for your product. When I first received your chip I had questions and all my emails were returned very quickly. I purchased the West Central Florida area and since I wasn’t a new fisherman but a new boat owner all the numbers in the areas I wanted to fish were “Spot” on! From the numbers on the chip I was able to circle around and found some extra spots not far from the original numbers. ” Thanks again! -Ricardo Hernandez
” This product has been instrumental in locating new areas to fish and scuba dive. Not only does it contain all public numbers, but many unpublished locations that hold fish. Each time I go out, I’m confident I’ll locate some structure that will hold fish. The Tampa Bay area receives lots of fishing pressure, it nice to be able to get away from the crowded public reefs and fill up the cooler.” –J. Cassick
Good Value”I’m new to fishing, so I’ve been looking for a way to find the best gps spots to fish. I found out about Hot Spots Fishing Chip, and loaded them into my Garmin 5212. While I’m still learning, I’ve found fishing areas off NC coast I never had before. They are accurate, and I highly recommend Hot Spots Fishing Chip! ” Bill Edwards



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