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Hundreds of Fishing Spots

Plug in the Hot Spots Fishing Chip, transfer the waypoints and Start Fishing!

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Go Fishing in an area you have never fished before and be productive!

Made for the Top 11 Brands

The Hot Spots Fishing Chip is made for the 11 most common Marine GPS Brands

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We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your overall buying experience and product satisfaction, which is why we try to offer amazing support. Our products are made by fisherman for fisherman, we use the products as well as offer them. You can count on us.

  • Easy to load Hundreds of Fishing Spots

  • Produced in All Popular Chip Formats

  • Made for 11 of the most common Marine GPS Brands

  • Displays over Chart Mapping

  • Proven Productive Fishing Spots

  • Wrecks, Reefs and Fishing Areas

  • Artificial Reefs and other popular areas

  • Most up to date Data

  • Top Notch Support Service

  • Fishing Areas for Most All Coastal States

  • Target Your Fishing Trip by Species

  • Most Orders Ship within 48 Business Hours Priority Mail

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Some of our Customer's Testimonials
"I was new to the Clearwater, Fl area at the time I purchased and couldn't be happier. We know all the old salty people and how they guard their special rock pile or give you numbers that send us on wild goose chases. Hot Spots Chip puts you right on the fish so you can laugh your way right by them. Hotspots makes YOU the salty angler in the area. Not to mention, you\'re not out wasting gas trying to find new spots. Trust me. You need to get Hot Spots Chip right now. " -Kenneth Anderson
"I first bought the west central card to fish sarasota and south tampa bay, i caught in places i had no idea existed. I was so pleased with the product that i have purchased 2 more cards for the keys area for vacation. They are good value and save on fuel and frayed tempers !You will have fish with hot spots chips. " -Al Gibson
"I have used the product for the east central Florida coast with good success; accurate gps numbers I can count on. " -Pickett Grant
" You gotta hook 'em to cook'em. The Hot Spot Fishing Chip will hook you up! "-Chuck Stewart
"I now spend more time catching fish,instead of hunting places to fish. I don't fish without my hotspots.I have caught more fish in the past 6 months than I have in the past 6 years . Awesome!!!!!! "-Robb colley
"Great spots! Great customer service! Can't go wrong! " -Paul Zach
"Thank you so much for your product. When I first received your chip I had questions and all my emails were returned very quickly. I purchased the West Central Florida area and since I wasn't a new fisherman but a new boat owner all the numbers in the areas I wanted to fish were "Spot" on! From the numbers on the chip I was able to circle around and found some extra spots not far from the original numbers. " Thanks again! -Ricardo Hernandez
"I have been using this product for the past year and have had wonderful results. thanks a lot! " -Bobby Dunn
"What could be easier? Loaded the Hotspots into my Garmin chart plotter (I fish in the Gulf Coast), and I was up and running...I mean fishing. The spots I have checked out so far, have been right on the money. A much better value than the spots I payed for up at the local fishing/tackle store. I had to load them in by hand, and they got me in the ballpark, but not on the spots.Can't go wrong with the Hotspots Fishing Chip ! " --Larry West
"Called on a Sunday, left a message and got a very pleasant callback that explained that normally Sunday was an off day, but that the company would be glad to take my order anyway. Product arrived in just a couple of days and I was able to install it and put it to good use right away. Many snapper, grouper, and a large angry tarpon may not have the same feelings as I do, but I think the product is terrific. Thanks again for a great product and excellent service." --Steve Grimes
"The names of these spots indicate the species I will catch at each spot. This is especially fun if targeting certain fish that day. Great product"Alan P. Boca Raton Fla.
" This product has been instrumental in locating new areas to fish and scuba dive. Not only does it contain all public numbers, but many unpublished locations that hold fish. Each time I go out, I'm confident I'll locate some structure that will hold fish. The Tampa Bay area receives lots of fishing pressure, it nice to be able to get away from the crowded public reefs and fill up the cooler." --J. Cassick
"" I use these products because they work, and help put me on the Fish every time! It makes my trips more enjoyable." B. Keer, Homosassa Fl.
""These waypoints are accurate and save me a lot of time instead of hand entry from maps, not to mention the gas I save! " - C.L Gibson, Fl Keys
"Great product! Lots of new areas to try. Great support and easy install !"- -Paul Hardy
"Hi, Teddy C. here from Georgia. I bought one of the Hot Spots Fishing Chips and I'm glad I did. It's helped to put me on fish every trip since I bought it. One of the cheapest and best investments I've made" - Teddy C. Georgia
"i've tried out at least 12 spots, out of the 100 in my fishing area, and most have been real productive. i mainly do offshore fishing, and what's even nicer, is the spots that showed up in between area's i already have, which make trips a lot closer and easier to search new area. this is a great bargain for anyone, whether new to the area or have been fishing it for awhile." -John Blouse
"This was exactly what I needed. I fish the inshore areas of Tarpon Springs to Clearwater and with this new data, I feel confident when I go out of my normal fishing holes I can find plenty of action. Thanks, you make me look real smart!!!!!! "-Larry P. Dunedin, Fla
Great chips,great people to work with....-Dwight L.
"Have purchased two Hotspots and could not be happier. Had my new Garmin programmed with hotspots and ready to fish in minutes. Have found the spots to be very accurate. Highly recommend...Lou Volpe, Stuart, Fla
I installed the chip in my Hummingbird 385ci and it loaded right away. The spots are great and I wasn\'t surprised to see a couple of my favorites already on there. I want to thank you guys for customizing the chip for me. Anyone who fishes in Florida needs this chip. -Capt. William J.
I have a Lowrance HDS7m and fish out of Pensacola, FL. Purchased chipsets for the panhandle and Alabama waters as I was new to the area. Installation was easy and took only minutes to upload and register in my plotter. I went from a few waypoints to almost 1000! The chipsets gave me inshore, offshore, deep offshore reefs, wrecks and hotspots that I could never plot myself. Now my only problem is finding the time to fish all these spots. Very satisfied with the product and customer service. A definite for any angler or waters! Thanks...-Michael M.
I had problems getting chip to work in my GPS but not due to the chip. My Lowrance was having issues and I had to replace it with another GPS. Here is where it gets good, Hot Spots has graciously offered to take back the one I bought for the Lowrance and send one to fit my new Hummigbird. Now that is what I call GREAT customer service and folks who care about others! Thanks again guys!!!!- Rob Herron
Thank you so much. I see that customer service is not dead in America. I expected you to tell me I needed to order both chips. I just placed my order and thanks again for all of your help. I will definitely spread the word about your service! Thank You- Butch J.
i did buy the chip and it is great i have never been so satisfied with a product.- Michael Lopez
Thank you for all of your help! If all companies operated the way you do this country would be a lot better off. You bet I will certainly post a very positive comment and also tell everyone I come in contact with about your products.- David Cain
I ordered my chip on Wednesday for a weekend trip. Sure enough I received it Friday afternoon. Of course, I then waited until 8pm the night before the trip to load the chip. I ended up calling for tech support @ 9pm on Friday night, within 5 minutes i had a return call and all the #\'s i could handle. NOW THATS CUSTOMER SERVICE!!The next day we hit one of the hot spots in 50\', the spot was accurate and had fish all over it. The real kicker was that within 500yds of that spot we found several other ledges and rock piles that ALL had fish. If you are new to an area, or just want to increase your current #\'s, this is one of the most solid investments you can make. -Thanks Again!!! Cameron
I bought a new gamin 5212 which had great charts but no waypoints in it. I was leaving from the Tampa bay area going to the Bahamas and didn\'t know where I was going to fish. I bought both the Tampa area and the Bahamas and found the spots to be accurate and they provided me with a good basis of where to go and fish. Thanks for the help. - Robert Allen Morriss
Great product. Used locally in Stuart area, and in the Bahamas ( West End & Abacos )Definitely improved our catching....- Bill Mahoney Palm City, Fla
I have bought the chips for Northeast Florida, East Central and Southwest Florida. They are a great time saver and allows you to have decent, proven places to go and catch fish right away. Instead of having to look all over for public and private numbers, and hope that you can enter them into the correct format into your machine, this chip does it for you automatically. I am going to the Florida Keys next year, and I will be getting a chip for that area before I go as well!- Jim Stancil
"The first time I used the chip it showed fish in areas I've never fished before. So I didn't even bother to try those areas. Then one day my spots weren't producing, so decided to try one of there spots. Well I was overtaken at the amount of fish we were putting in the cooler. Can't wait to try all the spots. Thank you for the great chip".-Ed Kirouac
"Was able to get to the fishing grounds without many hassles. Best of all cought fish.Thanks again for your great product!" -Norman Boucher
"Just right" "these chips are a must have for anyone that fishes an area... new or experienced.its like all of your fishing buddies shared their secret notebooks..." Craig Pugatch
Good Value"I'm new to fishing, so I've been looking for a way to find the best gps spots to fish. I found out about Hot Spots Fishing Chip, and loaded them into my Garmin 5212. While I'm still learning, I've found fishing areas off NC coast I never had before. They are accurate, and I highly recommend Hot Spots Fishing Chip! " Bill Edwards
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